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Apprenticeships and student internships

Every student of a vocational school, technical secondary school or post-secondary school, as well as at university is required to realize internships that will implement him in the realities of his profession. The main purpose of the internship is primarily to provide pupils and students with the opportunity to use the knowledge gained during education in practice.

At Lumel Alucast Sp. z o.o. and at Lumel S.A. we accept pupils and students for internships. When applying for admission to apprenticeships / student internships, you must submit:

– CV;
– application for admission to the internship with an indication of the date of the internship;
– framework internship program.
The above documents can be submitted:
– at the Lumel Alucast Sp. z o.o. Słubicka 1 Street in Zielona Góra;
– at the Lumel S.A. porter’s lodge Słubicka 4 Street in Zielona Góra;
– send a scan to the email address:

After obtaining the consent of the relevant Manager / Director, we sign a contract with the school / university. Then the student can start internships in one of our Companies.

After completing your internship, you should enter it into your CV, especially at the beginning of your professional career.

Student`s program “LUMEL My First Experience”

The people who create it decide about the development and value of our company. They are the greatest potential. That is why at LUMEL, we care for a friendly atmosphere, comfortable working conditions and give young people the chance to improve their professional qualifications.
Take your career and join our program: LUMEL My First Experience
As a participant in the “LUMEL My First Experience” program, you will have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge you acquired during your studies and gain qualifications that will make you stand out on the demanding labour market.

People who will take part in the “LUMEL My First Experience” project will be able to undergo an internship:

  • in the Logistics Department dealing with planning and analyzing warehouse policy, organizing supply, production, coordinating the distribution and transport of goods;
  • in the Technology Department, which constructs, produces and develops technical documentation for the production of die casting molds and tools used for surface treatment. It deals with the implementation of new parts and products for production, and the improvement of technological processes.
  • in the Research & Development and Laboratory Department, which deals with the design of industrial automation devices for measurement, processing and regulation, as well as registration, transmission and visualization of industrial processes. We construct and modernize products using the latest technologies.

The internships we organize as part of the “LUMEL My First Experience” program are paid internships lasting up to 6 months and covering up to 80 hours of internship per month. It is also possible to organize internships in other departments, including: production or quality.
Thanks to the “LUMEL My First Experience” program you will have the opportunity to carry out independent tasks arising from the real business needs of the company under the guidance of our best specialists.

We invite you to the LUMEL My First Experience program:

  • all fifth-year students;
  • university graduates from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering;
  • people who know English or German language.

As part of the project, we provide:

  • personal guardian who will provide support and care during participation in the program,
  • access to tools and materials needed for the internship,
  • references after the internship,
  • the remuneration depends on the scope of the intern’s duties,
  • the possibility of permanent employment in our company.

“Even the furthest journey begins with the first step.” Now you also have the chance to take your first step.
We encourage you to apply and participate in the “LUMEL My First Experience” program by sending an application
to the email address with the subject “LUMEL My First Experience”.










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